DBDAO is a Web3 Protocol to Make Your Database into NFTs

DBDAO turns each database into a DAO and every row into an NFT. This allowing people to create unique, verifiable, and transferable representations of their data. Backed by Polychain Capital.

How it works:
  • Incentive: Data contributors get royalties if the database monetizes.
  • Governance: Each database is governed by a DAO.
  • Storage: Data is stored on a distributed filesystem.
  • Privacy: Columns in a database can be encrypted.
  • Why people are using it:
    HairDAO uses DBDAO to collect data by giving points to people who contribute data to hair loss research. >>>
    NFTYchat uses DBDAO to mint an NFT for people every time they send a post in a group chat. >>>
    Get help in the Telegram chat group.